About me

Hi I’m Zoe – Lover of life, friends, family & fun. I enjoy fitness, triathlon, travel, my dogs, snowboarding/surfing and the great outdoors.

This blog started as a focus on the journey to my first ironman, but includes other parts of life as they pop up alongside my ironman training! Here I am a three time ironman finisher.

I can SWIM, I always SWEAT buckets and I have lots of GEAR to help me train and of course gears on my bike to haul my mass up those hills.

With a family of dodgy lungs & heart disease and my 41st birthday approaching I decided I needed to be fitter. A serious lifestyle makeover was required as I’d spent the last 10 years sitting around in offices, airplanes and cars.

I am not a natural athlete and really not a lover of running as I find it the hardest of the three triathlon sports. However I have managed to get my chunky legs and curly locks through sprint to middle distance/70.3 triathlons to completing three full ironman distance triathlons – 140.6 miles. I have gradually moved up the age group rankings to a heady heights of a 3rd place at Bristol Tri. Plus since 2014 I have been Jamaicas No1 female athlete – country No1 get me ! Got to be in it to win it.

I’ve completed 4 marathons – London ’11 / Loch Ness ’12 / London ’13  / Loch Ness ’17 and many half marathons including my first overseas one on the eve of my 50th birthday in Hawaii as a fun run.

I was a swimmer in my teens and always owned a bike but didn’t start running until my 4th decade. Putting all three sports together I seem to be better suited to longer distances, endurance over speed for me, diesel rather than rocket fuel in this old engine.

I love a challenge but not all goes as smoothly as I’d like. I’ve been bitten on the bum by a dog while running, lost a shoe & tooth in London marathon, had two cracked ribs in ironman UK swim, fallen down a drain cover and had my first asthma attack during Outlaw long distance triathlon. I’m not know as Miss Calamity for nothing !

The last year has been about living and learning how asthma affects me after being diagnosed at 49. I’ve had to make changes to my training and carry an inhaler at all times. While asthma is making life & triathlon training harder, I won’t let it stop me.

This summer was third time lucky for me at ironman Hamburg, not only did I finish mostly incident ( missed an inhaler) & accident free, but I got a 30 minute PB.

Then I took on the biggest challenge yet  in September 2018 I will be going to tame the Dragon at ironman Wales. Scares me just writing that ! This will be ten years since I decided to change my lifestyle, lose weight and get fit – still work in progress.

Well that didn’t quite go to plan as I went in with a wrist injury sustained the week before the race and came out or was pull off course with two torn tendons in the wrist. Very painful and gutted to miss the last 6 miles by less than 4  minutes.

2019 hasnt been my come back year due to shingles, so it’s reset and focus on 2020 and ironman Copenhagen. Work to do, fitness to find and weight to lose (again!).

Fitness * Strength * Flexibility * Commitment* Nutrition * Inspiration * Friends * Fun

I know that exercise & clean eating are the way forward, I’m making the change to be the strongest, leanest and healthiest I can to keep this wheezy old woman moving and taking part. A few tweaks in the over 50’s training plan inlcudes more strength training and protien and carb timing with training and racing.

Email me to find out more: zoeforman@icloud.com 





  1. I should add that Miss Calamity followed me into Outlaw summer 2016 and my second long distance event.
    When I had my first ever asthma attack !
    My only ability is not to quit see blog post.
    Now a registered asthma athlete with a rainbow 🌈 of inhalers to take twice a day.

  2. I can now add – I AM AN IRONMAN 😉

    So chuffed and proud of myself. Ten months of training was worth it to float down that magic red carpet and hear “Zoe Forman – You are an ironman”

    Oh I also did it with 2 cracked ribs ! So my Miss Calamity tags still appropriate.

  3. Brilliant story! And huge credit to you for persevering. I did the Blenheim tri a few years ago in sheeting rain, but was one of the best days of my life.
    Be great to read more about your adventures – good luck for 2013!

    • Something about Blenheim and extreme weather, I did it in 30+c and then 5cm of standing water in the rain !
      Great venue though apart from run uphill from the lake to transition.
      Good luck on your adventures and activities this year, maybe see you out there.

  4. Hi – this is a great story. I chill of fear went through me when i read the dog story however – shudder! Looking forward to catching up on your blog entries!

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