Wk 1 Up’s and downs

2012 started quite well, but fizzled a little towards end of week due to a heavy cold.

I faffed around setting up turbo on patio in New Years day, took me 20minutes to set up then after 30mins riding the rain started 😦

Timex battery dead – cost of new one and sealed £7.99, new watch inc P&P £9 but only 10 laps. Nice surprise when watch turned up 3 days later and so far has 50+ lap capacity, got bored start/stopping to see how many laps it actually has, but a bonus – will be good for turbo timing, run intervals and swimming.

Back to first spinning class of the year – when the weather improves I’ll try and get out and ride but perfect for bad weather days. Whilst I sweat and puff away my bodies working flat out but the mind wanders, see theres no visual stimulation and we are in a semi darkened room with a clicking disco ball for the odd sparkle of scattered light.

Cracked open my new NB trainers from Womens Running magazine and did some technique work along the bypass, once in the dry, second at club in lashing rain and stinging wind – evil conditions. Think thats where I picked up my bloody cold from.

Back on track....

Met with James , Kenetic Revolution, not sure if my body was adapting to my new hopefully effortless running style or that I’d lost the correct motion. Oh you can get to hate 400m tracks especially when the evil headwind was there for the back straight. Practised technique – over emphasising pick-up and was running to a metronome beat of 184 throughout. Thats tough into the wind ! 400m laps were split by exercises focusing on gluteus, hammies and core. Strength in my legs and core has improved and so helping form and technique. Adding endurance whilst keeping these is next challenge and focus.

Blast around first circuit training session at Calne leisure, then with combination of 2 hard run sessions back to back & circuits my legs were TIRED on Friday.

Test rode the Roo – scary stuff riding 7 miles in Bristol city centre on a new bike on a Friday afternoon !, went through town centre, to the zoo, downs, over Clifton suspension bridge around docks up & down hills. So near to buying this baby but when on the turbo for final bike fit and adjustments ( seat post needed cutting down) I noticed a few dints and scratches on the carbon frame. Now with that amount of £’s I wasn’t taking any risks, so asked for another to be sent to store.

Taking in sights on Roo test ride

Friday night and bloody cold set in, nose flowing like Niagara falls, I felt weak and trired so went to bed for what seemed like 2 days. Missed shooting a friends 50th party and a club bike ride 😦 But woke up Sunday feeling fine !  🙂 Vitamin C shock treatment, Beechams  and sleep to blast away the cold before it set in for remainder of winter.

Vitamin C shock treatment does it

Finished off week as I started the year on the turbo in the garage this time. Set up iPad on freezer, water bottle & towel to hand and span away 50 minutes watching an episode of Spooks Code 9. Love this multi tasking – entertainment/sport, time flies.

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