2012 – Hello training, goodbye social life ! Middle distance here I come

With 25 weeks to go to the Cotswold 113 of which I am away in Scotland for a week and America for three, not good planning on my behalf so I am starting my training logs and efforts from the start of the year. Therefore working on a 20 week plan.

January is base training – a little and often, even if only 30 minutes I will be trying to do at least one activity per day for the month – my own Janathon Challenge.

Activities will still be varied and include running incorporating Kinetic Revolutions technique sessions, circuit training, spinning class and when my arm heals ( tennis elbow, tendon tear) back to netball and will get on my bike. Also as soon as the pool is refilled I’ll be in it like a flapping sea-lion.

Talking of bikes I hope to be the owner of a new one soon, test riding a Quintana Roo Dulce on Friday. This could be the One ….?

Not sure about the colours ?!

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