Week 52 – good bye 2011

2011 has been a year of achievements and expereriences for me. I faced my greatest challenge yet, the London Marathon and loved it despite losing a tooth and shoe at mile 15 ! A month later I completed the London Moonwalk hand in hand with my sister Sue.

Running down The Mall, 200m to the finish

Scores on the Doors for 2011:
Running = 684 miles
Cycling = 310 miles
Swimming = 21 miles
Total mileage 1,992 – over 2,000 2012 challenge.

Dailymile 2011 final stats

Nine races including London marathon, London Olympic distance triathlon, Cotswold and Dorney triathlons. Did a 2 mile Big Swim and was the run leg of a tri team. This mileage excluded the 26.2 miles Moonwalk in London and miles of hill walking on local pheasant shoots in Wiltshire.

Christmas snowboarding in Italy

Back on the snowboard after a 2 year absence, with Stuart, Tom and Pauline. First skied with Stuart 14 years ago so following my plan I will be back on skis for a day next year – once every five years is enough for me now.

Moonwalk London

Mike & I went to experience the Spa, F1 Grand Prix in August – the sights, sounds and smells were amazing. Walked Eau Rouge – thats a steep hill and good workout !

Spa F1 Gold Grandstand seats

I startedshooting on the first day of the season in October and had the honour of the first bird and nearly half the bag ! Then shoot on average once a week and thorough enjoyed my time out in the countryside and filling our freezer as well as providing others with fresh locally shot pheasant.

Shooting in Wiltshire

I had an interview for an Olympic Games Maker volunteer, still waiting to hear. Have been lucky in the Olympic park run in March 2012 – 5 miles around the Olympic park then finish on the running track in the stadium on the actually finish line – how cool and lucky am I ! Also confirmed tickets to see cycling, swimming, athletics and equestrian 🙂

Kira – our working cocker became our third dog joining us in January. Cheeky and full of life, now 14 months old.

Kira - ears flapping in the wind

Easing out of 2011 slightly heavier than I came in due to fine Italian food & wines ! A massage and a spa day to finish off along with one last social run and thats 2011.

2012 – Going long !
Middle distance triathlon, Cotswold 113, training commences 1st January ! So off to enjoy my self tonight with Mike for a New Years Eve dinner ( how sophisticated !), then its serious stuff and back on the training wagon.

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