Foam, titanium & carbon

Week 2 and still on the Janathon streak – a minimum of 30 minutes activity per day plus zero alcohol 🙂

Out walking our two older dogs and just before dusk Megan did a runner, through a hedge and off like a hare to where I have no idea, probably neither did she. In trying to locate her before nightfall I climbed a farm gate and landed awkwardly the other side so limped home with a groin/hip strain – bloody dog !

Megan the disappearing dog - agghh

I was  nearly home 30minutes later when she reappeared as if nothing was wrong. So foam roller and stretches for me for next 3 nights.

Spinning was enlightened, the window covers removed so at last could see my display, over 20km’s done. The sweat was pouring and used most of the gears available as mostly hill climbs – liked down hill recovery !. Managed to hit and keep with the beat most of session and when possible tried 92rpm similar to run cadence.

I can see to type so much more clearly now with my new titanium glasses – smart.

Third time lucky ? I went for a test ride on a Felt triathlon bike at The Triathlon Shop in Bristol. There for an hour and half being videoed and measured on rig to determine my frame size – borderline XS & S. So hopefully next week I’ll have a nice new carbon Felt B16W.

Mileage and training hours increasing – Dailymile stats = 23miles & 8 3/4 hours.

Quite away to go to get to 70miles per week training as recommended in 70.3 Ironman training book.

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