Final Olympic countdown


With only 3 weeks to go I was called for my venue specific training at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich home for the Olympic shooting events. Also this was the final session of my Gamesmaker Team Leader training, I will be one of 10 team leaders responsible for 200+ Team volenteers.

Uniform not required today as the grounds are still a little muddy and venue under final construction / cosmetic finishes. Full accrediation and ID required as we are now have to go through workforce security as the venue is secured and sweep before athletes arrive on 16th July for training pre games.

All looking good, orientation quite easy around the site, most importantly the workforce resturant is all set up and ready for us including big TV’s for live action from all other venues.

Next time I’m there I’ll be working at the London 2012 Olympic games representing the UK, as a face of the games ! Getting excited now, other Team Leader seem great 8 out of 10 present on Saturday, we have already identified a few grumblers in the team but we will sort them out or send them off ! lol.

Accommodation sorted and very lucky to be staying with friends from primary school who live less than 10 minutes walk from the venue 🙂

All I need to do now is wash my uniform, to get packaing creases out and book my train ticket up there.


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