Janathon day 24 cheese sandwich I think ?

My working week in European Parliament is coming to a close for which my feet, back & taste buds are thankful.

Standing on marble floors under a glass roof 8 floors above is both cold & non forgiving on your legs, knees & back.

Not had change to get to the gym for treadmill run and too dangerous & cold to head outside. Standing for 7 hours a day within a 2m square exhibition space will have to be enough.

For a city proud of it cuisine the food in the parliament is rubbish. We have been through the selection of sandwiches playing sandwich roulette each day with the vending machine. Basically you have fish, meat, curry or cheese no further description.

To add colour or save you choosing brown or white bread each sandwich is made from a slice of both. The filling tastes the same whatever.

MEPs and assistants are heading home across Europe & the lobby was filled with the sound of small suitcase wheels echoing along the marble floors, occasionally jammed in elevator doors to hold it while they struggled with extra bags & winter coats.

Brussels only made a high of minus 5c today and the wind was bitter both trying to freeze the flags in suspended animation and simultaneously rip them from the flag poles. Snow now turned to lethal ice mounds ready to slip you up or trip you over.

Last visit to the dungeon to get my pass. & driving licence, oh I won’t miss that place & non smiling security guards. But why do I need to scan my bags going out of the building ?



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