Janathon day 25 Heading home – yeh !

My working week in the European Parliament has come to an end and I’m homeward bound by the Eurostar train.

Walking to the Metro this morning it was so cold it made my head hurt like brain freeze from a slush puppy.

There was a lonely electric car being charged in Luxembourg square which at €7 an hour seemed reasonable apart from it was too cold for it to charge. Needed an electric blanket on it !

Brussels is still covered in an ice crusted snow blanket. But the parks look fresh & inviting. I spotted a real palm tree in the snow with a golden angel status behind all surrounded by snow.

Eurostar running on time again but I still found myself running across London. I was in the penultimate carriage from the end so had about 500m walk to the passport control where I was pretty much at the back of the line-grrrhhh 😦

I got to Paddington just as the platform came up on the board, no time for a coffee. How an elderly or disabled person would make this sprint challenge I don’t know. The conductors give no allowances so you must get in the right assigned train.

After standing in a cold lobby on a rock hard floor not only do my legs & back ache but so do my shoulders from carrying my Crumpler bag – I just feel crumpled.

Looking forward to my own bed tonight & no air conditioning humming away or doors banging along the corridor

Bye bye Brussels.



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