Janathon day 26 Mental workout

9am I reported to my local police HQ for a Special Constable tests.

There were 4 sections to test your numeracy, spelling & grammar, checking of lists and logical reasoning. All required quick mental gymnastics.

If I thought my brain froze in the sub zero temps in Brussels today it froze on the easiest of maths questions and multi choice spellings confused me again on questions I’d normally do in a flash. My brain was flip flopping around on answers.

I persevered and the brain blockage lifted slightly. The pass mark was 160 and I managed to get 218 so I was through to the interview round. A few dropped out at this stage from our small group as didn’t make the pass mark.

We were allocated interview start times for which they were supposed to last 45 minutes. It took me over an hour to answer – too much detail or not giving answers quick enough ??

There was a Special and a regular from HR interviewing us. Again my brain froze and I couldn’t remember a couple of examples used in my application form -aagghh I answered all questions but not as well as I’d wish.

Last Thursday Wiltshire police opened applications for regular police, the website was over loaded with 290,000 hits in 3 hours so the applications were closed. The majority of Specials are looking to get into regular force so there is a huge demand out stripping training numbers.

So in conclusion I don’t think my brain freeze helped me in any way, plus the numbers of interested applicants is nearing half a million for approx 40 places a year. So the odds and numbers not in my favour 😦

My nephews & nieces made a good luck snowman for me.


Devizes at dawn & Police HQ



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