Janathon day 27 Running into the wind

First we had floods, then snow, then ice, then rain, then more floods, then today the weatherman promised us a dry day.

Looking out the window this morning there was indeed bright sunshine and temps of around 7c, the warmest for a week. However there was also gale force winds battering the garden and trees around the cottage reinforced by the met office with an alert for high winds across the SW.

Only Pat free for a run today so we set off at 11am with a planned run of 12 miles. Beautiful day. Practised nutrient -Bloks at every 4 miles. Probably too early so will do first at 5 miles then every 4 to 5 after that.

Tried to run at marathon pace which is planned at 10min/mile pace so long runs 11 min miles to 11:30 on longer runs.

Garmin time 2:15 hours included all gel, drink & phone stops. Moving time 2:05 so overall 11:15 pace, moving less than 11 min pace which was comfy despite the wind buffeting us around the lanes to Hedington and on A4.

My back & legs felt as heavy as the marble floors I was stood on all last week but kept plodding on.

Back home it was a well deserved bubble spa bath for my battered legs – bliss 🙂

Recovery milk shake and cuppa tea my favourites.



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