Janathon day 28 Rolling Rolling Rolling…

Nearly there Jog & Blog throughout January.

Some of my days have not been common activities but various forms of cross training or variations on activities.

I have run, walked, climber, rowed, shoot, trail runner, swam, travelled, blasted around circuit training classes, lugged baggage, sprinted across London, endured exhibitions, battled snow & wind and wadded through floods.

Today I braced the foam roller. After my longest and only LSD road run since October of 12 miles yesterday I had my old friend DOMS visit me today.

Roller at the ready I embraced it – not too bad.

A few press-ups to complete and that’s me done for the day.

12 weeks to the big one – VLM2013. Serious end of training now, focus, #makeitcount, healthy eating & reduced alcohol over next 3 months.

Not me but I’d like her body !


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