Lon-done in 3hrs 50m!

Perfectly sums up my race day albeit I was an hour behind you ! I however did stop ! Three times to chat to friends who came up from Wiltshire to support me and to have a beer at 22 miles for my dad, we used to watch the marathon together form a pub on route many a time.
I was running to recognise his 10th anniversary, he had a heart attack at 59 years – ran for British Heart Foundation.

I will get my long blog out later when I can sit down at computer with confidence I can get up again !

Well Lon-done 🙂

dogs run free

ImageAnd so that’s it. Done. 26.2 miles on a truly beautiful, warm (too warm) sunny London spring morning. With no stops, I got round a full ten minutes under the 4-hour barrier. I could lie to you and pretend I didn’t shed a little tear on the finish line, but to be honest it was all I could do to stop myself dissolving into a blubbering mess. It was my second marathon – and really, genuinely, quite possibly my last – but many things made this year even more emotional than last year, and I didn’t think that was possible.

Firstly, I completed what I trained for. A sub 4-hour marathon. Last year I was aiming for “about 4 hours” and finished 4hrs44m with a very dodgy calf muscle holding me back. This year, I set out to do something and through months of hard slog and good luck, got…

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