#Juneathon day 17 Meatballs in a Maze

Regular meatballs, mash, lingonberry jam and gravy – it has to be done in IKEA.

Fortified and ready to manage the maze I headed off into the labyrinth of Swedish flat pack. Armed with a text message displaying an unpronounceable name but a number code longer than most international phone numbers, I gave in after a dozen twists & turns and asked an advisor where I would find my office chair mat.

The mat was down in the dungeon about three miles from my starting point. So I grabbed a big yellow sack and started to meander following the arrows, I have tried to take short cuts before but ended up spending far too long in the children’s bedroom furniture section feeling like a lost frustrated giant.

By the time I got to the dungeons looking for isle 28 my yellow crinkly sack was bursting with glass plates, wooden hangers, summer cocktail glasses, chocolate, floor lamp, salad bowl and clothes. All these items could have been bought in my local supermarket or in the past Woolworths but with the exotic Swedish names they all seem more playful and fun rather than mundane house-ware items.

Today is a rest day on my half ironman training schedule and as I’m racing at the weekend I didn’t want to do too much this week. However I covered my miles in the maze. Met my coach for coffee who is collecting my race pack for Bristol triathlon on Sunday as I have police training all day Saturday.

Juneathon – managing the miles of maze, walking for an hour.




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