Ladies Day – season warm up

Not quite triathlon based blog post but still apart of my sporting activities.

Ladies day each September at Barbury Shooting School is a great pre game shooting warm up.

Having locked my gun away in the cabinet in January in disgust as it would only shoot one barrel it hasn’t seen daylight until a week ago when realised shoot season was around the corner and I’d better get it to the gunsmith.

Pleased to say gun shoots both barrels and still finds the target 🙂

In fact 8 months lay off must be good for me as in top team on high tower pheasant flush and second in solo shoot out.

Great day with the girls and been invited to a monthly ladies shoot, cake & chatter.

Those pesky pigeons, springing teal, high flying pheasants, parting partridges & bolting bunnies stood no chance today – back on it in half a dozen shots.

Bring on the shooting season 🙂 I’m ready




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