Got a new Garmin Gadget :-)

Got a new Garmin 910XT GPS to track and log my miles as I swim, ride & run through the winter and next 299 days of training.

2k swim set to test it out – all good, no dropped laps like on my Poolmate, tons of data to pour over and analyse on computer.

Test ride later today and run Wednesday then a brick to test multimode features.

Not sure I’ll use it in races as another distraction or something to get too reliant on. But great for training especially brick sessions and pool swims.


My arms hate me ! After Officer Safety Training on Sunday which was quite a physical full on day then winter triathlon training started Monday morning with Pilates, which was focused on arms and core. Then 2k easy swim in evening. Plan said paddles but arms too floppy to have power for paddles !

That’s what two weeks of inactivity do to you 🙂 Will build back up steadily and lose the excess 5lb gained in my recovery / holiday fortnight.

Looking forward to filling the Garmin with activities.


  1. I LOVE my 910 for both training and racing….I had a Poolmate prior to this, but hands down the data is phenomenal! Upload to garmin connect and you can really see what you’re doing! The only issue is when I forget it….its AWFUL!!!

    • I had a Poolmate but it only captured three quarters if laps so found it frustrating as data scrambled.
      Already use Garmin Connect and seen swim data – awesome.
      Maybe I’ll be confident & familiar enough to use it for racing as well as training.

  2. I totally love mine, but having pressed the lap button twice at Henley it distracted me and I had to stop to reset it, this made me realise how reliant on the data I had become, cost me 90-110 seconds. But overall I believe its a great investment.

    • That’s why I’m thinking basic Timex for big races & Garmin 910xt for training.

      I’m far too easily distracted. ! The Garmin could double my T1 & T2 times at least 🙂

      Loving the data do far though.

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