Eating to Fuel Endurance Training and Long Distance Races

Very interesting read especially after my weekend bonk and DNF

Mother Nature's Diet

A subject I am often asked about is ‘what is the best food to eat for marathon training, ultra-marathon running, Ironman training’ and so on. I have lots of friends involved in endurance sport, and I have a reasonable amount of experience myself, and there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about fuel for endurance sport. Personally, I have been in long distance endurance events with far more experienced runners than myself and seen them fail and drop out because they ‘got it wrong’ with their fuel, yet in my own experience, such problems are entirely avoidable most of the time.

This post will explain:

  • Why complex carbs are not the best fuel for endurance races
  • Why complex carbs are not required in great quantities pre-race (carb loading)
  • Why gels and bars are not the best fuel to consume during a race
  • How to be ‘a fat burner’, not ‘a…

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  1. Hello Zoe 🙂
    Thanks for the share…sorry to her your weekend resulted in a bonk and DNF, that can be disheartening. Hey, why not try switching up your diet to go mostly carb-free, and see if it helps your energy levels? You have 6 months, so if after 3 months it’s not helped, you can go back to carbs and still have plenty of time on your side. Most people I know are doing really well on low-carb.
    Stay in touch!
    Very best to you,
    Karl, MotherNaturesDiet

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