Sad day as I said goodbye to Tilly

I’ve spent the last four days back & forward to the vets. Puppy picked up a vomiting & the runs virus so was kept in the vets overnight Then our oldest spaniel, we have four, had her third stroke this morning.

Sad day today to finish off the week as our lovely old lady Tilly has been put to sleep. She had a very good life and packed in fun throughout her 14 years of age. Her little black leg & curious ways will be missed.

It’s been a tough week as a dog owner with Jango & Tilly in the vets good job I was on a consolidation easier week of training. Off for my cross training at altitude – snowboarding. Then straight on the train to Brussels for work. Won’t get back to structured training Until the 20th Feb.

Hoping my holiday will help ease the sadness and we remember Tilly’s good days of which there were plenty.


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  1. So sorry to hear of Tilly’s passing. I know she will always be with you though, in spirit. Time is the only thing that makes this any easier unfortunately…hang in there.

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