The Seasons of Triathlon

Food, sleep, training all help define the seasons. 😃

The Sometimes Reluctant Triathlete

You shall come to think of the passing of time in seasons. Your activities, sleeping patterns, training, eating habits and social commitments shall be dictated by these seasons.

The obvious conventional season of course, include:

  • Pre-race season
    Characterised by the perpetual smell of chlorine emanating from your pores, increased visits to the chiropractor and the sense of urgency at the back of your mind that often leads to panic training.
  • Race season
    Lost track of whether you’re tapering or recovering? Seemingly alternating between the two phases with a couple of races thrown into the mix? A bit cash-strapped from all the race entry fees? Yip, that’s race season.
  • Off-season
    Can’t recall the last time you swam? Or saw the sunrise? Social calendar fuller than usual? Full appreciation of good food and wine? Lazy Sunday lie-ins? Yip, it’s probably off-season.

Then there are the not-so-obvious-non-conventional-yet-no-less-important seasons that too shall dictate the passing…

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