Eleven Things I’ve Learned While Completing Eleven Ironman Triathlons.

We can all learn and improve on our ironman journeys whether or first or fourth or more.
Top 11 tips by Tasteful Triathlete you may find one or two useful ones I did – especially pumping bike tyres

The Tasteful Triathlete

Three weeks ago, I rang in my 49th birthday on September 24th by crossing the finish line of my 11th Ironman triathlon. It was a truly spectacular IronBirthday and I was super stoked to celebrate it for 144.6 miles (Chattanooga is the only Ironman 144.6 thanks to an extra four miles tacked on to the end of the bike course) as I rounded out my last season of racing in the 45-49 Age Group with another exciting Ironman finish. While reflecting upon my training and racing leading up to this milestone, I’ve identified several helpful tips which have helped me along the way. Hopefully they will be of help to you too. My top eleven 140.6 pointers follow below:

1) Hire a Good Coach: Finding the right coach is a lot like dating. It can take some screening, background research, and a few bad dates before you find the…

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