Tri & Change

From the 27th November I invited a number of like minded people, mostly triathletes, hence Tri is not a typo ! to my Tri & Change Facebook group which will run up to Christmas eve.


The aim of the group is for everyone to try and make a small daily change that will help build a better version of themselves over the “Off Season” ready for racing in 2018.

The Challenge : Why wait for the new year ? Start to improve your strength & flexibility now & feel the benefits before Santa arrives !
Can you spare 10 to 30 minutes a day to compliment your swim, bike & run training  ? Daily changes build to big results – can you commit to change ?

Ready to Tri & Change ? – a simple guide to joining

First up – add a quick introduction of yourselves & what’s your ‘A’ race or event.

Records – take note of your weight, body measurements, current distances or reps/ sets you can comfortably do today.  This will be the baseline for your changes.

Post it –  please share in the group as much as you can such as :
Swelfies – sweaty selfies mid workout 💦🚴🏃🏊🏼‍♀️💪🏼

Location – show us where you are – gym, turbo, home, dog walk,
school run, restaurant

How do you feel ? – smashing it, shattered, surprised, superstar 🌟

What’s on your plate 🥄 🍴? Delicious, nutritious or a bit naughty but nice

Support – can you motivate, inspire or support others with comments ? Make their day


Small changes make big results. Motivation is huge and the group will give you a sense of accountability and support.

I will ask the group daily ‘What did you change today ?” Remember …….



So far:
Day 1 – amazing interaction and sharing of small changes, big goals, races & events or 2018.

Day 2 – I shared Transformation Tuesday-
I’m working my 50 year old self to be a better version of my 40 year old self. 2018 will be 10 years since I took up any from of exercise after more than a decade of sitting on my behind, jet setting, living in hotels and racking up millions of airmiles through work.

Ten years on and 2018 ironman Wales is my focus.
Age is just a number & so far I’m getting better with age 👍🏼😁🏁🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃


Transformation isn’t a race but a life change through choices.

There are a number of people on different nutrition, food & diet plans from Keto, low carb, vegan, Slimming world etc who are sharing meals, tips and advice to others along the way. I’ll simply be trying to limit my intake !! But always looking for new food ideas.

These don’t need to be huge changes they could be anything from doing 10 -30 minutes strength & conditioning, home workouts – commit to a program and stick with it, gym sessions – more reps, weight or time, getting to your fitness class regularly, adding an extra chin up/ crunch/pull up to a session, an extra 20km on the bike, eating healthy choices no junk food, sticking to your triathlon FINK / Training Peaks triathlon plan, add squats to your day – Liz Loo Squats 25 before & 25 after each loo visit ! stop drinking alcohol or start drinking more water, getting more sleep, eating more fruit instead of crisps ( thats one of mine !).

Any one else want to join look at Swim Sweat & Gears Facebook page and join the Tri & Change Group.

I’ve just been getting over a heavy head cold at the weekend, but didn’t let it stop me making a few changes. Fresh fruit instead of crisps, sweated out the last of the snot in a spin class – but eased off a little from usual max HR & effort.

Debris from spin class
Made the right food choice today

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