Cotswold 113 – I’m in !!

A special mid-week blog update as I have just committed to and been confirmed in the 2012 Cotswold 113 (middle distance triathlon,70.3).

On 24th June 2012 at stupid o’clock early I will be lined up on edge of the lake in my wetsuit with a few hundred other nervous souls ready to take on my biggest event challenge yet. Again as with the marathon I hope to  finish before dark and expect to be out on course between 6.5 and 7 hours.

A nervous start today as broadband is down so had to tether iPad to iPhone and being in a rural area and not having 3G seemed to take forever – nearly like old dial-up days, who remembers that ?!

Base training in a variety of forms continues between now and Christmas, then gets serious in the new year. Also need to lose a few pounds gained over the summer and lose the ‘soft’ edges to my racing body. Shame pool closing for two months next week, will have to make use of it this week, in fact I’m off now ~~~~~~~~~

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