Week 46 – Running assessment & in a spin

Again two new elements to this weeks activities, first I went to a spinning class which was an hours sweat feast ! We were virtually in the dark as windows blocked due to pool maintenance, couldn’t see display so no idea of gears, RPM, cal etc. But if pool of sweat around my bike was anything to go by  I worked my butt off !

Then Tuesday night I was asked to play for both B and C Netball teams so 2 hours of netball matches back to back. Cold hands were my biggest problem in second match, but Man of the Match award perked me up no end. The other team  must have felt sorry for me running around like a looney for 2 hours in less than 5c!

Friday I had a running assessment with James from Kinetic Revolution to help me become more efficient when running especially for my Half Ironman next year.
The 2 hour session included video analysis, feedback, drills, focus points and intervals.
Personal points to work on – picking up of heels, stop arms swinging across body and engaging hamstring & quads to share workload, reduce stride length and speed up leg turnover. I have since received a 4 week program of drills, stretches and strength sessions to add to my runs and current training. He also reviewed my current training and Half Ironman training plan and will adapt drills to suit my program in New Year.

The good news is Netball and circuits count as dynamic and strength/core training exercises so count to 2 of my 3 sessions. I need to add run sessions on the back of two bike sessions – spinning and long rides. Then in my weekly runs add some specific drills.

Also a autumnal Hilly 5 miler social run with Vic mid week was good to get outside and just run for fun and chit chat !

Sundays long run was a little shorter than planned at 5.6miles but incorporated the first Kinetic Revolution drill session, KR1. Really starting to engage other muscles when running –  gluteus and hammies. Even felt that on cool down my posture was adapting to new style ? Anyway have my first 4 weeks program of sessions to fit in around work and life before off snowboarding.

Hours = 7
Miles = 14

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