Week 47 – Olympic interview and bike fall

Work seemed to be main factor for this week with me being away from home for the early part. Presenting for HPA on Carbon Monoxide alarms in Sussex.

Olympic volunteer interview on Wednesday at Excel. I was there for approx 90 minutes and so much Cadburys chocolate around you would put on a pound or two if you ate at every opportunity, even chocolates on the interview tables and in pods.

Will hear by the end of the year of I have an Events Team leader position, then hopefully called back for training in February,  orientation in June before the games begin. Fingers crossed.

Managed to get two runs in this week before I fell off my bike !

Did first full KR interval session along the bypass using lampposts to measure distance, engaging those hammies and glutes. Also ran Ferns Fav and a couple of minutes quicker than last few times on same route, that also included some KR drills at end on by pass.

Another Netball game and lose 😦 against   KSM  10:20. But so windy was comical at times as ball banana swerved across court.

Time to switch to mountain bikes ? Vic and I both fell on our 40 mile Friday ‘Bitch & Bike’ ride. Bruised bum ! ouch. I fell onto narrow, muddy village road, Vic had soft landing on grass verge. I got all the bruises and pain that day. Jacqui must be despairing at us two muppets. Brusied bum meant no running at the weekend.

Did walk the hills of Stanley shoot as I was beating for the landowner, so three hours of hill walking loosened my legs a little.

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