Week 48 – Medical MOT & Tennis Elbow

This week was dominated and influenced by a Doctors appointment, I went for a pain in my forearm and was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow as I have a tear in my tendon – why called tennis elbow as not the elbow joint and I don’t play tennis !

No idea how it happened could have been netball, shopping bags, badminton, falling off my bike ??? who knows but it hurts 😦

Dr asked is anything else – as if anti- inflammatory, painkillers, a strap, 12 pages of physio and stomach protecting pills weren’t enough I mentioned that there was heart decease in my family and I was training for a half Ironman next year – should I  be conceded ?

30 minutes later I was weighed, height measured, had tests and results for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and 360 degrees check of my heart and lungs.

These new stats and my family history ( grandmother 54, dad, 59, grandad 70 and aunties having had heart issue in 50’s) and recent races/ fitness level, were all plugged into the computer — and the computer says I have less than 1.7% chance of a heart attack in next 10 years 🙂

So green light for Half Ironman training to start in full in January, Dr said only my arm would hold me back, but to be patient, take drugs and do exercises.

No Netball, swimming, badminton, road bike riding allowed for at least a month but running, circuits and spinning allowed. So my lowest hours of activity in a week for a while at only 5 hours with 11 miles running, but managed 2 sessions of circuit training, a spin class and 2 runs.

DailyMile weekly activity stats = 11 miles , total of 5 hours of training

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