Week 49 – Danced the night away

This week mileage seems to be dominated by hill walking whilst on local shoots either as a gun or beater. Out at Mount Farm and Stanley. Kira our puppy was out learning the ropes on a pheasant shoot.

Stanley shoot on Saturday the weather luck was with us and a chilly frosty morning washed with winter sunshine gave us another perfect shoot day. Few birds around in the icy conditions. Good ratio for me today, 3 cartridges for 2 birds.

Managed to get 2 circuit training  and a spinning class in this week – well it was wild weather out there so best to head indoors. Strong winds swept across the country so only managed one run outdoors – slacking !

The running club Christmas party on Saturday night was a blast, hit the dance floor for 2 hours, so hopefully that reduced the effects of the nights excesses !

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