Secret Moonlight lake swim

The air was calm the lake still and I was about to take the plunge in the inaugural Moonlight Cotswold secret lake swim.

We waited patiently on the wooden pontoon as the sun lowered itself behind the trees. Silence fell across the lake, the surface glass like and calm as the final red glow of the sun faded. At quarter past ten the last birds had gone to roost, the sun was gone and the moon was up making it’s appearance.

Only three brave soles entered the darkness of the lake. Taking 3 entry styles we either slipped down the boat slipway, slinked in slowly or just went for it and jumped off the pontoon. Darkness all around us as we were absorbed into the inky water and darkening sky as the stars glowed brighter all around us. The only way to determine whether you were looking into the darkness of the lake or the sky was if your was wet face and if you could breath !

The only one in a wetsuit was me ! I’m a cold weather, cold water whimp. Water temp 14c air temp a chilly 8c. Once in the lake it was pleasant and comforting, not scary at all, just peaceful.

All was silent and calm. It was beautiful in the middle of the lake, just a red, green and yellow glow stick on each of us for safety and the full moon gave us a beautiful milky cream glow of light as it was blanketed with a whisper of cloud.

This was a fantastic swim watching the stars and moon. the calm water allowed some speed swimming with only your own wake rippling the surface. The 30 minutes passed in a flash and I’m hoping it becomes a monthly meet up under the stars.

Wild freshwater swimming is highly recommended, OK the darkness may spook the majority of swimmers but I found it peaceful and beautiful. Nature at its best.

This time I left the full moons to the boys ! Would have taken too long to get my wetsuit off.



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