#Juneathon day 1 River run

After a day stuck in a classroom with barking dogs & helicopters as constant background noise, it was great to get out along the quiet, peaceful banks of the river Avon and through the local park.

I have got Emma to be a Juneathon participant and jog and blog on Facebook. She is running her first half marathon in October and I gave her a preview of the local River Run 5k which is later this month.

Lovely evening but after the rain and sun Mother Nature has turned the park and riverbanks into a half fever hell jungle. We did manage to avoid the nettles.

Juneathon day one done, Saturdays normally a rest day from my triathlon coaching plan. But as Juneathon starts at the end of week 4 training I thought it rude not to kick off Juneathon with a summer night run. Rest days in June will be at least an easy 5k.

If I can do it – anyone can. So pleased to have had a positive influence on Emma after helping her start running last summer, she was so inspired watching me at London marathon she has committed to races starting with Race for Life tomorrow and more 5miles, 10k’s and then the Cardiff half marathon race this autumn.

Daily miles = 3
Monthly miles = 3




    • This is my first Juneathon, did Janathon for first time in 2013. Makes me do some activity every day for the month.
      When in London for a day with work I’ll use the stairs on underground and get off a stop or two early to walk to get at least 30 minutes of activity.
      Otherwise I’ll follow my triathlon coaching plan.

    • It was a very easy pace for me as I ran with my step daughter who is new to running. Got her first 5k race in a few weeks and has signed to to an Autumn half marathon.
      Great to see here so enthusiastic about her running. She may be slow but she can knock out the miles now.

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