Hay fever hell when one-a-day falls short

Again I wake up at 4 am suffering from the beautiful blossom tree outside my bedroom window that has bunged me up again.

Runny nose, leaking eyes, sneezing, gasping, wheezy all these will be familiar symptoms of hay fever sufferers. So what do we do – grab the antihistamine tablets.

One a day the packaging states as the dose, now by my calculations that should offer 24 hours of hay fever relief from the symptoms listed about right ?

Wrong I have tried nearly have a dozen brands and they all seem to fall short just offering 18 to 20 hours relief from the annoying bunged up feeling.

Can you overdose on antihistamines ? Can I take one early ?

If the gusty wind wasn’t bad enough during the bike leg of my weekend triathlon the running nose and streaming eyes distracted me from pushing harder. Blowing your nose at 20mph or wiping eyes on hands is not conducive to speed or bike control. The route was fabulous through Gloucestershire villages but the grass verges, bountiful blossoms on trees and the cowslip turning the verges white were too much for my nose & eyes.

During my trail in the forest run my nose seemed to run faster than me or the llama !

Never mind it’s all a part of summer and I’d rather have some sunshine, warm temperatures and light nights. So I’ll grin & bear it, buy more tissues and keep taking the antihistamines.

Hope all other sufferers aren’t letting the grass, pollen, sap, nature, countryside getting the better of you getting out and enjoying the fresh air.



  1. I’m not a doctor, but I used to ‘double dose’ on hayfever meds by having the non-drowsy one in the morning and the drowsy one at night. They don’t seem to contraindicate and that sorted me out completely in the middle of a particularly bad oil seed rape season! I now live somewhere where I am mercifully not allergic to the pollen and can’t remember the names of the two drugs, but I just bought the tesco own brand ones (possibly even the value ones).

    • Thanks for the info I will try the double dose, not read anywhere its got side effects. Plus hopefully won’t be needed for too long.
      Hopefully as blossom blows away & disappears as summer progresses my hay fever will be short lived and will pass.

  2. I feel.your pain! I suffered awful hayfever symptoms for years until I saw a great young locum doctor, who said I had rhinitis. He prescribed me opatanol eye drops, nasonex nadal spray and, the jewel in the three pronged crown, fexafenadine antihistamine tablets. I haven’t looked back. I know everyone is different, but thought you might want to try some of these? I feel like a new person and it is amazing not to have used tissues in every pocket of every item of clothing I own!! Wishing you all the best with combatting your hayfever!

    • I have been told I have exercise induced rhinitis but not offered anything & told hayfever not severe enough for prescription drugs.
      Maybe as doing more outdoor exercise the rhinitis & hay fever are magnified.
      Thanks for info, will seek a second Dr opinion. May need a Dr that exercises & suffers hay fever to understand my pain !

  3. Such a nuisance. I don`t suffer from it but have heard that eating honey produced locally can give relief.Don`t know about this from personal experience though.

    • I do eat local honey one of our neighbours produces it. However has quite a localised area.
      Hopefully will ease soon Only started getting hay fever when I started running !

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