#Juneathon day 2 Stones & sunshine

Not a cow, car or cocktail bar around for miles, just me and my Felt B16 beauty.

What was seen on my ride today – blue skies, yellow rape seed fields, purple wild flowers. Not ideal for my on going battle with hay fever but I’d rather have sun and warmer temps with a runny nose & streaming eyes rather than grey skies and rain.

The stones at Avebury were mobbed by sun tourists and the Red Lion was heaving, many cyclist & bikers spilling out onto the verges. I was so tempted by a pint of cider in the sun but as only 7 miles into the ride I needed to push on.

Slightly less windy since I did this ride a couple of weeks again on my trusty old road bike but still gusts to keep you focused. Bonus as I managed to take 15 minutes off my previous time.

Daily miles -32
Monthly miles – 35

#cycling #summertime #happydays #Wiltshire



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