#Juneathon day 3 doggy joggy

Today my 70.3 triathlon coaching plan and Juneathon meshed perfectly, plan called for 45minute easy run.

As most of my 2 legged running buddies were unavailable, sick at work or couldn’t be bothered as too hot !!!! I grabbed Megan’s harness and no refusal from her to run.

Those who don’t know, Megan is my 7 year old springer spaniel and my 4 legged running mate.

It was a half and half run – trail / road. A herd of bullocks made us turn around and partly retrace out steps/paw prints, they just wouldn’t budge away from the gate to let us into the field where the bridle path crossed. Just stayed laid down sunbathing 😉

Plenty of water stops on route – stream, church, pub, cattle trough, village hall and road side puddles. For Megan not me and yes I resisted stopping in the pubs beer garden for a pint 🙂

A fun, summer evening run with my canine friend Megan.



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