#Juneathon day 4 Highways to hell

5:30am alarms are not really my thing, even SIRI on the iPhone questioned “Set alarm for 5:30am?”

I fell out of bed, stumbled into the shower and washed the sleep from my bedhead. A quick breakfast of toast and I walked out the door forgetting to even finish making my tea let alone drink it.

Then the M4, A404, M40, M25, M1 all decided to conspire against me. My first meeting in Luton was aborted at about 10am as I had travelled no more than 50 miles from home and far far away from my destination. Punched a new destination into the sat-nav and I headed to west London so that I could abandon the car and head to Westminster.

11am and my stomach was demanding food, thank goodness for M&S at petrol stations. Now I seemingly had plenty of time to get into the centre of London, just hop on the tube and be whisked into the capital in a flash. Well not quite…. yes I got on a silver tube and we pulled slowly out of the station only to come to rest about 500m from the platform end, where we then waited for about 40 minutes. The temperature in the tube was rising, many travellers trying to get from Heathrow into the city to start their holidays and explore. We all just got a good look at the inside of the tube train, the maps, adverts, adverting eyes from each other and re- reading the free Metro papers form cover to cover twice through, again.

I finally got into Parliament square about 30 minutes before my meeting was due so I sat on the grass, took my shoes and socks off and rested my hot soled feet. As I realised that today was a right off for running I decided to be a stair-runner and run up and down all the underground stairs instead of using the escalators. Being suited and booted I didn’t really have the best footwear or attire to be getting hot and sweaty so cooled down under a shady tree. I also got off the tube 2 stops early to walk a mile each end and have some meaningful activity for day 4 of Juneathon.

When I got home I saw the Juneathon competition prize and thought – now thats well worth getting sweaty kit for 30 consecutive days, not that I will pile up 30 days of kit on the off chance that I’d win the Halo sports wash which is fab for stinky sports stuff. I love the smell so much I also wash my duvet cover in it 🙂






    • Not the kind of day I want to repeat too often ! But second meeting was very positive & constructive so worth the traffic hassles in the end.
      Very glad to get home a very long day.

  1. That sounds like no fun at all. I hope you have (had) a cooler and relaxing evening.

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