#Juneathon day 5 Getting Knotted



After yesterdays travel and traffic stresses, I felt as knotted as a rubber band ball today.

A busy day with vets, dentist, meeting reports and 100’s emails to answer from yesterdays office absence I was so happy to see Massage with Trinny in my diary for this afternoon – aaahhh 🙂

A full body massage found knots, relaxed and relieved muscle tension built up from completing my first 4 week block of training, of more cycle miles, more trail runs and more swimming around lakes day and night. All have added little fibre tears, stress and strains on my ageing muscles.

Active recovery/rest is just as important as activity in any training program. So thats why I’m having my massage as todays Juneathon activity.

Back on the bike and in trail shoes tomorrow.


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