#Juneathon day 6 Exclusive Bowood lake swim


Early morning exclusive secret swim to map out the Events Logic Bowood triathlons.

The lake is a balmy 17.5c was flat calm, fresh and the colour of builders tea.

Four of us slipped into the water avoiding the goose poop on the grass. We plotted the 750m loop and planned the 400m exit point. Looking for water hazards, no shopping trolleys in here but a few fallen trees.

Stunning scenery surrounded us as we swan around the lake starting with Bowood House looking majestic sitting atop the grassy bank, the lake adorned with a stone temple folly, fishermans cottage, boat house and ancient trees.

Events Logic have special permission to hold the England triathlon and Tri-Stars event in the grounds of Bowood. If your in the area on 30th June get signed up for this event. I’m lucky it’s on my door step and have a place secured.

Juneathon day 6 activity
Swim 20 minutes
Run 50 minutes



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