#Juneathon day 11 Swan Lake swim


The weather throughout the day was looking grey and gloomy.

However after a day staring at the iMac completing e-learning modules and getting on top of emails I was looking forward to getting into the water tonight whatever the weather a wild swim was calling.

Within 5 minutes of pulling into the car park I was zipped up in my wetsuit and ready to slip into the cool, clear lake water. However Mrs Swan was not too keen to let us share the water tonight. Her signets were safely tucked away along the shore away from our slipway but she was being territorial tonight.

Best give her a wide hearth so I crept in behind the tree and instead of my usual gentleness easing in and acclimatising so no ice cream freeze and brain ache, I swam like a wind up torpedo straight out to the first buoy away from Mrs Swan.

Then settled into a steady pace around the scattered buoys, they hadn’t been relocated after the tri at the weekend so the usual loop wasn’t there.

I then accompanied Debs on only her 3rd lake swim for a loop, I was acting lifeguard and swim buddy. I now appreciate how hard it must be for her to run slowly with me as I slowed down to swim with her. Fair exchange of support 🙂

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