#Juneathon day 12 Wet & windy country lanes


Another typical summers day, cold, windy, grey and wet.

But rain can’t stop training so I bundled up in full wet weather gear, grabbed my old road bike and headed out into the elements.

Now skinny road tyres are great for fast, straight, dry roads. I had hilly, twisty, wet and gusting side winds on the country lanes.

To say I was slightly twitchy at times is an understatement. Clutching my handle bars as if wringing out a pair of jeans my buttocks clenched the saddle for so additional stability.

Rain dripping from every vent of my helmet, vision through my Oakleys was limited and the road spray turned my socks black.

I managed to get my session completed, jacket drying out and soggy cycling kit being de-greased & whizzing around the washing machine as I type. Could do with some more Halo Sports wash ! (Hint, hint) 😉

Juneathon day 11 – one hour cycling.



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