#Juneathon day 14 Overdressed not impressed

Longer below the knee cycle trousers, gloves, Helly Hansen long sleeve top, fluorescent cycle jacket & Buff. I dressed according to the weather forecast in the newly installed Weather app on my iPhone.

Now this wardrobe choice would have been fine in March but for June I became a peddling, melting pack of lard.

Not wearing a cycling shirt I didn’t have any handy pockets to stuff discarded layers or items into.

The wind as forecast was present but the temps about 10c higher, no rain as expected but sunshine !

Normally I would be happy with these improved temps & sunshine, but not when dressed as an arctic explorer.

Anyway I peddled on, sweated buckets, felt like I was in a mobile sauna but got my session done. 90 minutes of hilly cycling in the bag.

Halfway in Juneathon 21 miles.



    • Or maybe it was last weeks weather ! In future I will be just sticking my head out the door & finger in the air to check the forecast and see how many cows laying down ! 😉

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