#Juneathon day 24 write up rather than right-off

Rather than a totally right-off around activity today was a write-up for Juneathon.

Thought best to allow my cuts & bruises to subside – see race report for details.

This included my Bristol Triathlon blog, filling in Dailymile.com my Dropbox training log, Facebook pictures and tweeting 🙂

Hopefully the blog has attracted some attention from a clothing company asking me to do a product test 🙂 when the items arrive and will I do a series of running and triathlon based full testing and I will let you know.



  1. By the sounds of your write up (which was great and I felt tired just reading it) I think a boxing glove company should give you a call so you can hit back next time harder, of course swimming might be tricky in them.

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