#Juneathon day 25 Reverse tri today

Today I completed a triathlon in reverse order.

First a 5 mile trail run, went out early and temps still 18c, sun was out and sky blue. Legs still a little tired from Sundays race but all good.

After arriving home I was going to rest a couple of hours then thought why get more kit sweaty so grabbed the bike and headed out for an hour on the bike around country lanes, again warm and sunny. A bit of a false start as I forgot my water bottle so had to go back for it half a mile from home. Reset Garmin and go again.

I did then have a few hours to eat and revise for my police exam on Saturday and then off to the lake for 1900m swim around. Lovely evening, so calm not a ripple on the lake and flags hanging limply from their poles. Even the Jolly Roger flag on the pontoon showed no motion.

So run / bike / swim in a day.
5 miles, 15 miles, 1.9k




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