Cycle Show – lost post

I’ve typed this post once already but somehow it got lost in hyperspace – grrrhh.

I spent an enjoyable few hours wandering, drooling gasping at the drop dead gorgeous bikes on show at the NEC Cycle show this weekend. Now there was also the bizarre, useless, stupid and tacky stuff around which still amused me but no way tempted me.

I was given a couple of complimentary tickets and both friends who expressed interest pulled out so in the carpark on the long walk in I swopped the spare ticket for the cost of parking £10, they’re having a giraffe, just wish I could have ridden there.

Initially I walked in and initially though this didn’t look too big a show, so headed for the loo and found a map to realise I was looking at less than a third of the exhibition space.

First £2 spent on a High-5 water bottle with unlimited refills of Zero product, that kept me hydrated as I wandered and the journey home.

£15,000 for the devastating beautiful Pinarello BOLIDE as ridden by Wiggo & Froome. I’d want a date with Wiggin’s and weekly guided rides with him for that, not that I could keep up with him even on his warm up. Only 5 made so far.



There were wooden wheels, helmet hats, dog carriers and some grim tasting energy stuff, teach me to sample everything on offer.

I did manage to stock up on the gels, drinks and bars that will get me through winter training as many show bundles offered.

Hubby got away lightly as I only came home with 4 free water bottles – he has a real thing about the amount of bottles I have.

Final purchases were a pair of winter bib 3/4 tights and overshoes. Most items were on show rather than sale. Also managed to sort out my winter turbo tyres – none currently manufactured for 650 wheels so will burn out my existing rear tyre this winter on turbo then will switch to Continentals for ironman training and racing next year.

It was worth a wander but not sure £16 entry & £10 parking would have been value for money if I’d bought tickets.

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  1. The whole triathlon thing seems really expensive. And of course it`s tempting to get the very best just to nudge up one`s speed.Think I`ll stick with my holey pair of runners for another while! I love sports`expos though. Actually, most expos, come to think of it.

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