Weekend Warrior = DOMS

Oh how my arms ache, ……also my legs, neck, back, toes, hands in fact my whole body feels rung out and rolled over by a freight train.

What delightful activity or sport was I up to to inflict so much DOMS ? Police officer safety training is what.

We were doing unarmed defence, ASP & baton defence and control techniques, kicks, flicks, PAVA spray practise and exposure, arm locks, escaping strangulation, ground pins, dodging knives, taking down violent aggressive offenders, finding pressure points on each other and running around to raise heart rates.

I’ve never wanted a hot shower and my bed so much on a Sunday night ! The PAVA2 exposure lived up to its name and stung me twice, when I had a shower it reactivated and flushed the PAVA on my face – double ouch !

Thankfully Monday morning Pilates has helped stretch and ease my aching muscles a little. 3 days of physical stuff done just 2 more to go 😉


  1. It’s so crazy how I can feel like I’m in amazing shape, then get into something like you’re talking about and be absolutely crumbled… this makes me want to do even more cross training over the winter… thanks for the post… hope you’re past the soreness… and thanks for the reblog of my Ironman post!

    • It now appears I was also fighting flu ! No wonder I feel so bad.
      I always say I’ll come back stronger but need to be sure I’m fit and ready to go again .
      Human body & responses are fascinating & frustrating 🙂
      Still got 295 days to ironmanUK so no panic yet

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