Woman down with ManFlu – its serious !


Bugger too late man-flu has got me. I know its man-flu as hubby had it first and its really really bad !

What I thought was the after after effects of physical training – see my Weekend Warrior blog post, turns out to be the blooming flu I’ve been fighting off for a few days. But at first it was classified as a cold until it got so bad it sent me to my bed which is where I’m typing this blog from. Reclassified as The Flu then ManFlu as it got worse.

This sneaky flu virus managed to get me when my defences and immunity were down. Right at the end of triathlon season and the tail end of two weeks or relaxing and recovering from intense training and my final race of the season at Henley.

So in week 2 of winter training,  flu 1 up on me.

Now do I get down to the doctors for a flu shot ? Any other triathletes get one as a precaution to reduce lost ironman training time ?


I dont want this bad bug again ;-(  Missing first turbo session of the winter at cycling club tonight too.

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