image My own Vicar of Dibley moment on shoot

My own Vicar of Dibley moment on shoot

Having pulled my wellies out from the cupboard under the stairs the bag they were in was rattling ? I then realised that 3 months of mud had dried out in the 3 weeks since I last used the boots so I emptied the mud in to the garden and went off to the shoot.

Now these welly boots were still caked in mud and now half a ploughed field had attached itself to the boots so went into on of the many grassy flooded hollows to wash the worst of the mud off.
Before I knew it I was flat on my bum waist deep in muddy water !

My 2 back pockets filled with water as I desperately did a shoulder press with my shotgun to keep it out of the water.
When I stood up the water drained from my pockets and down my legs filling the wellies form the inside !! 🙂 Luckily the lads were far too busy laughing to get a photo.

I then walked up and down those hills for 3 hours with a wet backside. Whenever possible I tried to turn my back to the sun and warm it through a little as there was still frost on the ground so bright but chilly morning – a perfect shoot day, apart from falling into water.

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