10 Reasons to not become a Triathlete

Have managed to keep the 4am workouts to zero ! But yes there are insanely early mornings to get to the pool or lake.

Above Average Tri

If you are on the fence about signing up for a 1/2 Ironman or full Ironman race, here are 10 reasons you do not want to become a triathlete.

1. If you enjoy having total freedom on the weekends, do not become a triathlete. Once you decide to be a triathlete, your weekends for the next 16-20 weeks will be dedicated to completing punishing long runs and the development of saddle sores. You will spend Saturday nights foam rolling your muscles into submission and drooling onto your pillow by 9:00pm. Kiss your clubbing days goodbye.

2. If you hate doing laundry, do not become a triathlete. Unless you plan on purchasing new tri clothing on a weekly basis, which if you do, you’ll find yourself homeless with an awesome bike within weeks, you need to plan on washing load after load of gear several times a week. Not only are clothes involved…

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