Performance Edge Mallorca Training camp Oct ’15 – Arrival

Arrival – Heading back to Mallorca with Neil & Beth our coaches Performance Edge for some sunshine and training to kick off my Outlaw 2016 training, 40 weeks to go at end of camp.

OMG it was a 3am start to get the red-eye out of Bristol airport. Met Beth & Neil at the airport then snoozed on the plane until woken by tea trolley. Adds to my close encounter with the car bruises. I’ll look a lovely sight in the pool !

Met Jon & Sean at the airport then checked into VIVA Blue Spa hotel. Really was home from home for me as I have the same bike I rode in April waiting for me, on same hook and the exact same room 😃 Later rewarded with a note to Mr Forman welcoming back and a bottle of bubbles & perfumed water.

Quick test ride of the hire bike and an hour in the outdoor pool. Trying to get to grips with new Garmin so plenty of beeps & buzzes from Sean and I as we tried to work them out Luckily Jon on hand for Garmin training.

Joined by Ann and returning Kev for dinner, meet & greet and briefing from Neil with a well stocked goodie bag full of Clif Bars, Bloks, High5 and bottles from StradaCycles Cycles.

After an early start we were all ready for bed. As the weather forecast was changing every hour we decided to do our long ride on Monday to avoid the thunder storms forecast on Tuesday.

Sleeping & eating isn’t cheating

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