2016 – Hows it shaping up so far ?

Some good things, some bad times and some ugly moments in training.

Our new year started with friends up on Scotland, similar to the last half a dozen years. I love the company, scenery, variety on our doorstep of coastline, mountains, forests, cities, highlands, river Spey, castles, distilleries (even if I don’t like whisky) and the hospitality from locals and extended friends.


Arriving back in England I decided to do a 4th to 4th diet clean up and focus on triathlon training. So far so good, the excess Christmas weight gain has gone, the fridge and freezer are filled with fresh stuff, no processed muck darkening our diets. Alcohol intake has been reduced to a total of 3 occasions, Pirate party, shoot day and ladies DVD night.

The triathlon training has been adjusted for safety and comfort according to the weather, more turbo & treadmills than biking on ice and running in gale force winds. Whilst cycling and swimming are picking up nicely my running seems to be suffering, lack of pace and to be honest longer distances. I have been getting in a number of 5 to 6 mile trail runs and also treadmill intervals but the long steady runs seem to be lacking. Not good as I have a half marathon a fortnight after I return from holiday. Silverstone could be practising my long course run / walk strategy !

The holiday – the big one for our 20th WeddingAnniversary Mike and I are heading to the snow of Canada, Banff and Lake Louise then flying down to Maui, Hawaii for a couple of weeks of sunshine, sand and sea. Not sure how this will affect my longterm training for Outlaw ? So I have rebooked a training camp in Mallorca this April to get some quality training miles in.




The saddest day of  the year was Friday 22nd when our lovable, loyal Springer Spaniel Megan with no prior warning or illness died of a heart attack. The last week has been tough and many sessions have been with tears in my eyes and memories in my mind, I even bailed on a race as I just couldn’t face too many peoples kind words, it was just too soon. Mike & I and the other two dogs are slowely adjusting to life without Megan who is missed greatly.

Goodbye Megan

I was lucky to have a place on the last shoot of the season. Plenty of sunshine & shadows but less pheasants around, they’ve not survived the season without being a bit smart ! Missed having Megan on shoot with us,  a few tears shed hope next season is easier. 

My next blog will be of our Canada & Hawaii travels – snow & sand my favourite combination.


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