New Years resolutions of a kind.

Now is the time wild resolutions and unrealistic goals are generally made by the masses, and yes I have done that in previous years only to break them or my heart weeks or months later and find out by December I’m back where I started or even worse three steps behind my starting point.

So why will 2016 be different for me ? Well instead of a list of resolutions to be bound by I’m looking at more holistic lifestyle changes based on fitness & healthy eating. It’s OK to have dreams and haave the changes you make allow your dreams to come true. The bigger and more scary the dreams, and the harder you work on them the more rewarding it is when achieved. 

It will help that I have some big events to train for this year – Exmoor 70.3, the toughest on the planet, going 140.6 long again at Outlaw full distance triathlon and Weymouth 70.3 to conquer my seasickness.

Following an end of season of gluttony & excesses of food choices and reduced activity, this lifestyle change is a necessity for me now. So from today 4th January I have four weeks to get back into a training routine, concentrate on healthy eating at home before we are off on our travels for February which will bring its own challenges and rewards as we are away in Canada & Hawaii. 

There will be no manic crazy diet fads or joining the masses at the gym lining up for cardio machines. But I’ll be following my coaches training plan, he’s got me through my first 70.3 & ironman so I trust he will training me for this years events. I’ll be looking at eating clean and green. Portion control is my biggest issue, whilst I generally eat well just eat way too much, yes you can have too much of a good thing ! 

Today is the start of my Happy New year to me. I’m doing it for myself. 

If this plan doesn’t work then I’ll take the dogs list ! 


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