The  PSOF ironman Mallorca championship race 2016

Last week I set sail in the good ship PSOF heading to the Mallorcan sunshine ☀️ to support the 19 racers in yellow & black. 

Two of my fellow supporters & friends have perfectly nailed the race report and the friendship of the pirates so nothing further for me to add apart from some pictures from the day. Race report  & friendship reflections.

The day started so beautifully with a stunning sunrise but soon the storm descended and a downpour of torrential rain, temperature plummeted in the mountain so turned to hail. 

We saw epic efforts from our racers, three  pulled up in the bike leg, there were two that made T2 cutoff by seconds, tense and sad times.

Typical ironman it brought out the best, determination, guts, pain, glory, disappointment & relief. 

Next years sailing will be Hamburg where I’ll be on the other side racing. I have to admit spectating in race day is no easy time, hoping racing will be easier ! 


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