Time to crack on with training again

It’s been ten weeks since my first & last asthma attack at Outlaw. 

Due to limited exercise I’ve gained almost a pound of weight a week, lost most of my fitness, passed my annual police fitness test and got a bucket load of inhalers to take daily. But had a good recovery break ! 😃

I’ve got back out on active duty for an interesting cross county rural crime op and also slightly jealous of the Cricklade half marathon runners as I was on traffic control for them. 

So time to crack on and look forward to 2017. As usual my race calendar is looking  fairly plump & challenging with a variety of new events & locations alongside a couple of previous favourites like Loch Ness Marathon. 

The countdown has started, training has commenced this week with a physical prep session, easing back in gently I have a 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 5km run to complete. I’ll keep going to beginners yoga as it should help my breathing. A few 10ks and mini sportive to look forward to this autumn which will be training events and socials. 

Now I know why I was performing below par, have a diagnosis and treatment it’s time to get cracking and back to consistent steady training this side of Christmas. 

The triathlon countdown has begun with ironman Hamburg identified as my A race for 2017.

All systems go………

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