Spluttering into 2017

New Year’s Eve was part of our our Hogmanay holiday and a small part of Elgin was turned into a tropical paradise. 

I was hosting a Death in Paradise themed murder mystery dinner party. The wood burner was filled and set a blaze as we walked around the old mill in shorts t-shirt, sunglassses, floaty dresses and a Les Patterson Aussie look alike. Invites and characters had been sent out in advance and Caribbean music wafted in the background. We slipped in and out of character following the CD and laughed our heads off concluding who dunnit at about 11:30pm in time for Hogmanay celebrations. Bleary eyed we headed to bed around 3am a little tipsy and still laughing at our characters. 

New Year’s Day was a quiet one at home with brunch and a one pot dinner from the new slow cooker. We caught up on comedy DVD’s and TV again in front of the log fire. A walk in the forest with the girls and dog to get some fresh air, it was chilly as a light dusting of snow had fallen. Although this fresh air didn’t stop the inevitable and I ‘caught’ the cold from the others.

Just as the head cold was starting to build to thought I’d get out and run before it took hold. A pleasant run creating a new category of run – SSSS – Slow Steady Short Scottish. I managed 4 and a half miles and although stop/start to take pictures was nearer to 10 min miling than I have been for a while. Saw plenty of dung pile climbing sheep, 100’s flying geese, shaggy ponies, piggies and cattle. Great old cast iron signs with fractions of miles. 

Five went off to Fondhorn to walk along the beach in the afternoon and let the dog have a run. The wind took my breath & snot away as it was starting to come into full flow, my nose running like a tap. Pub lunch with the largest fish & chips which looked like a whale tale.  Saw beachuts which were coloured garden sheds but selling at £25,000 each ! Then an early night for me about 9pm with a bucket of pills. 

Dosed up with a variety of cold remedies I managed to sleep 12 hours just waking once which was handy for more drugs. I’ve increased my asthma inhalers and setting the alarm for next dose of pills & potions. 

My nose is like an incoming & outgoing tide with one nostril being blocked then the other with a brief moment of free breathing at slack tide as the blockage moves across my nostrils. 

Day three I managed a stroll around town and bought a couple of clothing items and stock up on more cold remedies, orange juice and boxes of tissues. 

Good job I’ve planned and entered my main 2017 events and this week was light training ticking over up in Scotland. So no rushing headlong into the New Year at a hundred miles an hour – just a gentle splutter as I clear this head cold. 

Maybe tomorrow I can drip & sniff through a short core, abs & plank session ? Officially back in it on Monday 31 weeks to Hamburg ironman. 

Happy New Year – good health & happiness to you all in 2017 

Now I just need to clear this damn snotty cold so I can get started. 🤧🤒


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