2017 – Streamline – Strength – Simplify

Here we go again, after spluttering into 2017 I’m now ready to get going again (yes my 501st come back to fitness).
New Year, new focus, new plans, new events, new locations, new decade & age group, new kit ? ( well not yet).


Not so much a resolution but more a life focus & little daily life changes for me.

2017 – year of the arrow, You have to pull back & pause to review, before you can fly forward

First rule of 2017 – don’t mention 2016 as documented in Snakes & Ladders it wasn’t my finest year for health but there was much happiness and so much to take away and learn from.

Now this latest lurgy (spluttering into 2017) has moved on from my body I’m rested & recovered. Well my Heart Rate is dropping back down & peak flow rising so two key health monitoring data bundlesmoving  in their respective right direction.

Starting the week with a massage where I didn’t expect to swear a few times, at least I know the squats are effective. It’s now time for a couple of benchmarks WATT bike FTP 20 min test on Tuesday and swim time trial Friday to see where I’m at in water & on a bike. Having not been in a pool for weeks or been on a bike outside for months I’m a little nervous.

So here we go on the 2017 journey, bring on ironman Hamburg my A race with a few warm up “training events ‘ along the way – tackling training one day,  then one week at a time.

I have my first overseas events, Maui, Hawaii half marathon in March and ironman Hamburg in August, exciting stuff.


  • Training – use Training Peaks & keep it in the green.
  • Reduce clutter – office & cottage & general useless stuff
  • Balance – work – rural Crime policing – training – home life
  • Clean eating – fresh is best. Food is fuel.
  • Simple goals – ironman distance PB, beat asthma, enjoy my 50th year
  • Training smart and listening to my lungs & body – as you can see I’m not getting any younger.



  • Less racing, more training – training events to have a purpose.
  • Body – striving for lighter & leaner
  • Bike position, use aeros more, practice for Hamburg
  • Swimming technique efficient streamlined & strong




  • Physical prep for stronger core & glutes, aka bum & tums
  • Stronger on bike leg – increase power
  • Running strength  – keep form and pace throughout
  • Strengthen & protect body – regular massages, quality fuel, diligent with asthma medication & health monitoring with Peak flow & Heart Rate
  • Body & mind – learn basic German (old dog new trick) for Hamburg and new work partnership


Streamlined focused Race Planner for 2017 – about a tenth of previous years !


Streamlining & simplicity & strength required for aerodynamics, speed, accuracy, power & direction. So hopefully my 2017 goals and plans will lead to me being the Best I Can Be.

Remember :



Aerodynmics on the bike


  1. “… yes my 501st come back to fitness…” hahaha love it. I believe we all feel this way every now and again! 🙂 Loved reading your goals! Sounds a lot like me. Let’s train hard!

  2. I really need to be better about simplifying too…i can relate to training smarter as I’ve had a couple injuries in the past that i don’t ever want to repeat! Your race schedule is impressive :))

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